Thanks Dazed and Confused for the great picture and the opportunity for me to video-interview all the other GREENIES!)


In this street report made by Annouk Post in 2005, you will feel the first vibes of Hiphonest labels in New York City. Watch the video report and listen to some quotes of these Cool NYC greenies. Besides you can see the making of the Dazed and Confused photoshoot.

It was shown during the first Arnhem Mode Biennale 2005. Aim was to inspire Dutch students and to present the book Modebewust. (therefore it ends with a Dutch quote). The clothes styles weren’t that fashionable yet but this is where the Hiphonest revolution started.

PS! Thanks to all the enthusiastic people on the streets and in the stores! Your positive opinions, tips for labels and initiatives were a great contribution for this report!

Special thanks to the musicians: Hillary Flowers & Luigi Scorcia And to Hajo Theunissen for his great tips for inspiration in Williamsburg!