YOI MODEFABRIEK DUURZAME MODE DESIGN3After a successful launch of ‘Beauty can save our world’ in Berlin at the green fashion trade fair TheKEY during Berlin Fashion Week, Hiphonest seduced as well the Dutch fashion people with an inspiring exhibition and trend presentation. In the Netherlands Modefabriek is the biggest Dutch fashion event that takes place twice a year.

Curator Ingrid Horsselenberg: ’We like to show that sustainability is not just a theme. It should be the natural starting point for shape and material. Aim was to inspire and inform the visitors. By approaching sustainability on your own way it will sustain the longest.’


Sustainability in fashion and design has become a very complex concept. To provide the visitors of the exhibition with a clear overview on different sustainable angles, the makers of Hiphonest (Ingrid Horsselenberg and Annouk Post) developed a trend presentation based on the ‘S(ustainability)-Insights’. S-Insight ‘Surroundings’, which stands for respect for the planet, zooms in on new eco materials in the fashion industry.

YOI MODEFABRIEK DUURZAME MODE DESIGN2Curator Annouk Post: ‘New developments in high quality and delicate materials like fabric made from milk or pine tree makes me very happy. Besides that, smart partnerships between designers and scientists (Science) will provide us with spectacular sustainable opportunities in the nearby future. For example with the application of nanotechnology in textile.’ The exhibited ‘Knitted Dress’ by designer Nanna van Blaaderen represents the S-Insight Secrets. With this dress van Blaaderen shines an innovative and poetic light on old techniques and craftsmanship.

‘Beauty can save our world’ proved that sustainability and designer ‘Statements’ could be combined in a surprising way. With an original approach on recycling designer Woes van Haaften showed his self-portrait with his unique collection of business cards. ‘Over the years hundreds of these cards were given to me on several occasions. These cards represent my traces in different worlds. By applying my personal data on these cards, I create my own new business card, loaded with a valuable relation.’


Designer Jeroen Wand underlines the beauty of ageing with his ‘Paper Chair’. ‘While using the chair, it will get worn out, stained and folded at the edges. All these marks together tell you the story of things that happened with the chair before. Like your favorite pants. Worn, over and over again. Although it’s falling apart, you still keep on wearing it.’