YOI Ministerievanvitalisering

YOI was asked to organize the side-programme for the student symposium A New Dawn for ArtEZ Studium Generale. YOI developed New Dawn Marketplace:

The New Dawn Marketplace is the place to experience the future of consuming. Taste the Dutch Weed Burger and visit the Swap Store, the Free Gift Store, Mud Jeans, ArTechLab, Tankstation and eerst! The A New Dawn Marketplace (Swap Shop, Free Gift Shop etc) is a special production of YOI.

YOI Lease-a-jeans

Swap Store

Exchange the clothes and accessories you bring along (max. 5 items) for a new vintage outfit in the Swap Store.


Free Gift Store

Make someone happy with the self-wrapped present you bring along (a book, a crazy object, an old vase, etc.) in the Free Gift Store.

YOI Free-Gift-Store