Find your tune is a sort of Urban Fairytale that follows a young girl named Anna as she finds her own tune, something her granddad Harry had promised she would as soon as she got a little older.

Anna discovers that knowing how to find her own tune and staying true to her own melody is the most important gift she ever got.

All it can take is a few well-timed notes to your own tune to make the world stop rushing by and make time to feel happy and relaxed.

Written by Marieke Vinck, Charlotte van Waes, Annouk Post

Illustrated by Annabel Huisman


Booklet sold out at the moment. Story available in 12 postcards here:

Harry is a label from Amsterdam based on this tune-philosophy. Harry believes that people who are in tune automatically take better care of the world around them. Harry’s gift, tanktop and bags are iconic tools for reflection and an inspiration to stay true to your tune.