Work & project overview




trend talks and workshops

Annouk develops engaging visual trend presentations which give clear insights in sustainable and meaningful fashion, design and branding.

Clients: Lev Kaupas, Eigen Haard, Willem de Kooning, Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Textielweekend Eindhoven, Streetlab, Strawberry Earth, Expresso, Mediamatic, Streetlab, Arcadis, Amsterdam Duurzaam, Clean & Unique, OSI (Open Society Institute – Azerbaijan), The KEY (Berlin), OTTO (Hamburg), Mode Biennale,  ROC, Design Academy, etc.

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programs and project management

Annouk develops programmes and concepts for events and symposia. She can also provide project management, communication + social media strategy, curration design objects and (fashion) brands. Annouk has a broad network of partners/spekers/creatives and loves to co-create!.

Clients: ArtEZ Studium GeneraleStreetlab, Strawberry Earth, Clean & Unique, Beyond Green Gallery for Amsterdam Fashion Institute en ArtEZ in 2008, 2009, 2010 , Exhibition for ELLE INTERIOR Inside Design, Trend exhibition for Modefabriek, Trend exhibition for TheKEY (Berlin).

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own initiatives 

In 2014 Annouk and 21sustainable founded Walk the Talk.

In 2013 Charlie+Mary and Annouk founded Harry.  From 2008/2011 she teamed up with 21Sustainable and Louis Rockin and founded Ecofabs (fashion swap events). From 2005/2007 Annouk initiated the first Hiphonest fashion store in Amsterdam (the YOIstore).

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In 2008/2010 Annouk initiated the blog and reported about trends and brands in the emerging sustainable lifestyle. Annouk was asked to write articles for several international blogs.

Annouk worked for Modebewust (about sustainable developments within fashion education) for more than 6 years and co-developed the book and website. Other Clients: Kuyichi, Second Sight, EcofashionWorld, In de mode, Fairtrade, Solidaridad (GOED GOUD)Charlie+Mary.

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We knew Annouk from her excellent one-day exhitions during the Beyond Green symposia that ArtEZ organised together with Amfi. For ArtEZ studium generale we asked Annouk to create a one-day marketplace with catering during A New Dawn, a day full of workshops and lectures about new and better alternatives for art and society May 24th 2013 in Enschede. Annouk created a inspiring, great looking and much appreciated setting using her sustainable and fashionable network. Annouk is very pleasant to work with, always inspiring and very reliable! ‘Check our website for pictures of A New Dawn Marketplace. Catelijne de Muijnck and Joke Alkema (ArtEZ studium generale)

‘A powerful and attractively designed presentation about Sustainability Insights that shows the opportunities, made by two experienced women with a vision and a catching enthusiasm.’  Tilly Garcia Sluijs, Creative Director Expresso Fashion (YOI work: Trend Talk together with Dianne Potters 21sustainable)

I know Annouk as a pioneer for sustainable fashion in The Netherlands. Before many others did, she recognized the urge and market value of “hiphonest” fashion. Therefore I invited her to organize an exhibition at our green fashion tradeshow THEKEY.TO in Berlin. It was a sustainable trend forecast exhibition that was styled and curated really well. Annouk has a good sense for new developments in society – may they concern social issues or style trends.’ Frans Prins, founder TheKEY Berlin (YOI work: The KEY Exhibition)

‘Annouk is an enthusiastic, creative blogger, who’s not only on top of all the Hiphonest trends and developments, but who has a sparkling personality as well.‘ Wendy Klaasse, Editorial Manager Rhbm Publishing (YOI work: written for

‘Annouk organized the exhibitions at several Beyond Green symposia about sustainability & fashion at the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. This included creating friendly atmosphere, adding value to the overall themes, looking from different angles, added information, integrated catering, coherent variety in presentation, exploring networks, sustainable and fashionable in every detail. Visitors highly appreciated the exhibitions. It is very nice working with her.’ Jan Piscaer, Lecturer at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (YOI work: Beyond Green)

‘Annouk denkt out of the box, heeft een scherp oog voor puurheid en onderscheidt daarmee feilloos wat echt verniewend en kansrijk is. Maar ze is ook een harde werker, zichtbaar en daardoor sturend. Ze sleept mensen mee in een aantrekkelijk toekomstbeeld en enthousiasmeert mensen om de wereld mooier te maken. Wat Annouk beter kan doen? Ze is zo bescheiden en doet zichzelf en haar visie daarmee tekort, maar dat is ook wel mooi‘.  Niels Oskam oprichter Elswear/Clean & Unique (YOI work: concept/event Passie)